Your Moment Coaching question asks you to go deep into yourself. The parts you like, and the parts you don’t.

This question often triggers an emotional response in people. Whatever comes up for you is a-ok. Do your best not to judge it as good or bad, simply what is. Use your breath to get present and mindful to what’s arising for you.

How to release judgment

How to release judgment

Are you in awe of your life?

I spent years being not in awe, but in doubt. You see, since I was a kid I have been what my husband Kam calls a “Judge Judy.” I judged myself harshly for every small thing. I’d scan my words and actions over and over to see where I went “wrong.” I would focus in on the one thing I messed up, ignoring all the proof that pointed to what is and went well.

Your #1 Commitment

It's the start of a new year. Are you ready? Is your vision clear and ready to be activated?

If your answers are yes - go forth and take action. If your answers are no, make now when you crystallize your vision. No judgment needed, simply get to it.

"The distance between your dreams and your reality is action."
~ Anonymous

There are likely 10+ reasons you can think of to keep yourself small this year. Doubt, fear, obligations, unhelpful habits, unhealthy relationships, not enough time/money/space/energy. While there are real blocks many people face (think systemic racism, social injustice, poverty, and homelessness), some blocks exist solely in your mind. If they're in your mind, they are in your power to remove.

Your Moment Coaching Question

This month's Moment Coaching question is about committing to the number one person you are responsible to. Take a breath and dive in.

Here are my highlights from 2018. And... here are my goals for 2019.

Remove your blocks

Blocks are a natural - even expected - part of living. A part of being human. One day we are up and life is rocking. One day we are down and waiting for it to end.

If you can identify your blocks you can move through them.

Take a mindful moment. Right now pause, get quiet, and answer a powerful coaching question. Have a pen and paper handy to capture what arises for you.

1. Watch this video question

2. Answer the question

What did you discover?

3. Ask more questions

Go deeper. Keep exploring with these questions:

Where did the block(s) come from?

How have your blocks served you?

How have your blocks limited you?

4. Find the patterns

Pause. Take a breath. Look back at your answers. What themes and patterns do you see? PS - there are always patterns.

5. Ask one more question

Pause again. What's clear to you now?