Choose to Thrive

What did you discover about what it will take for you to thrive?

Sometimes it feels like we are so far away from thriving that it's hard to even imagine living differently. Sometimes we are so close that frustration or fatigued block us from making the choices that we help us get there. Sometimes, we feel strong, calm, and clear - life is good.

Why Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to pause and take stock of, what I call, the current conditions so you can see without judgement what's happening right now. Not in the past where you often want to either run from or go back to. Or the future where we want to be or avoid. Right here.

Choose to Thrive

Watch the video and discover how to take action —

What choices will you make?

It's a cliche that change takes time. The reality is that it does. What will you do when things get hard?

When we decide to change, resistance comes up and your current patterns attempt to pull you back. What choices will you make to steady and committed to your path? 

Remember, it’s often the simplest things that bring the biggest transformation.

To you, thriving.

Find a way to thrive

This month we are exploring the concept of thriving. Using coaching and mindfulness together, pause, get quiet and go inward. Have a pen and paper handy as you dive into yourself.

1. Watch this video question

2. Answer the question

What did you discover?

3. Ask more questions

Go deeper. Keep exploring with these questions:

What does thriving mean to you?

Where are you thriving in your life right now?

Where are you struggling?

4. Find the patterns

Pause. Take a breath. Look back at your answers. What themes and patterns do you see?

5. Ask one more question

Pause again. What's clear to you now?