10 practices to feel strong

This month’s we’re exploring strengths through the question – When do you feel strong?

I’m sharing with you 10 practices I do everyday to feel strong. Yes, everyday!

You may wonder, how does someone have time to do all of these things everyday?

The truth is – I don’t have time NOT to do these things. I don’t have time to give to being sick from sleeplessness and stress. I don’t want to use time to fight with my husband or make reactive decisions I’ll likely need to fix. I don’t have time to feel bad. 

I spent a lot time in my younger years sick, stressed and weak. Today, I do these practices and I am calm, clear, strong.

How much time does all of this take? Less than 90 minutes a day, or less than 6% of the total time in a single day. 

10 practices to feel strong

1) Meditation 

I meditate for on average 11 minutes every day. Sometimes more, sometimes twice. Always once and usually in the morning.

2) Gratitudes

Each night before bed I say three things I’m grateful for. It takes 30 seconds and puts me in the perfect headspace for a great sleep.

3) Walks outside

This practice saved me from a total meltdown when I was working a high-stress job. No matter what the weather, I walked for at least 5 minutes if only around the block. Now I make sure to get at least 10 minutes of technology-free walks outside. Perfect break.

4) Yoga

If walking is my lifeline, yoga is my medicine. I think it’s the number one reason I feel strong. If all I have time for is 5 minutes of sun salutations, then that’s what I do. Most days I aim for 30 minutes.


5) Solo dance party 

Nothing beats the blues, anxiety, stress, overwhelm or creative blocks like a dance party. I throw a song on and shake it out for a few minutes on the regular.

6) Squats

Squats are very powerful for grounding down, getting your muscles fired up, and sweating off stress. To feel super strong I do 3 sets of 26 squats every day, as part of my yoga practice or as breaks in the day.

7) Journaling 

After meditation I journal for a few minutes to get thoughts out of my head. A simple practice that’s so powerful there’s a reason why it’s on the top leaders and change makers list.

8) Read a good book

I LOVE to read. I studied English in university and have had a thirst for fiction since I was a kid. I read every night before bed, period, no matter how late I go to sleep.

9) Self massage 

Every day in the shower I do abayanga, an Ayurveda practice of self massage. It’s a way to connect me to my body. I also massage my feet with oil before bed.

10) Mindful eating

Two years ago I had a goal to eat without technology, and I am still doing this today. I use these necessary moments in the day to catch a break and enjoy a quiet moment with my food. 

What are you willing to do to feel good?