7 goals for 2017

Did you know that science has proven that by writing down your goals you are more likely to achieve them? The simple act of documenting can be the difference on whether you achieve your dreams.

Last week I asked you your first BIG question for 2017 – What do you want more of? Goal setting starts here. Go inside, take time to ask, and create space to reflect. This is mindfulness in action. Use the tool of stillness to get clear, calm and strong.

I’m on this journey with you! This week I’m sharing with you 7 things that I want more of.

7 things I want more of in 2017

1. Doing my thing.

I have be an entrepreneur for 5 years now. And while I have taken some big risks, I have been lovingly hiding behind my clients. I work with AMAZING people and companies, and yet I have been afraid that individual beings wouldn’t come to an all Urszula retreat or course. So this year Urszula is stepping up to the plate. Along with continuing to collaborate with incredible organizations, I am hosting my first online course AND first resiliency retreat. Teaching and sharing what I love, teaching and sharing all of me.

2. Yoga.

Recently over holidays in Bali I rekindled my love affair with yoga. I’ve been practicing for 10+ years and practice at home everyday (yea – every damn day. It’s possible!). While I never fell out of love with yoga, I fell into a steady routine. While looking for surf in Bali, we headed west and found a beautiful yoga studio on the beach. I yoga’d my heart out all week and something in me came alive. I feel strong and ready for anything. I want to keep this strong and calm me all year.

3. Outside.

I discovered this past year that nature is one of my core values (along with freedom, possibility, and people). 2016 I committed to walking outside everyday no matter what. Of all the practices I’ve done in my life, this was one of the most powerful. I got still, breathed good air, and dealt with my depression in the woods. I invited new and current clients to go for a walk instead of sitting in a meeting room or coffee shop. 2017 means more time outside.

4. My husband.

12+ years of marriage and I’ve never been more in love. 2017 we spend even more time together – from sailing trips along the BC coast to dinners at home and walks in the woods. Both of us work from home and share an office. We spend so much time together already and I can’t wait to spend more. I feel like a schoolgirl writing this write now, so excited!!

5. Coaching.

Coaching with people is one of my favourite parts of my job. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful to coach someone on their journey. In 2017 I open my door to new clients who are ready to create their best life. Their. Best. Life. We have all being through S%@T in our lives. To meet someone ready to take back the reigns and do the work is incredible. I have been exploring positive psychology recently and I can’t wait to integrate new tools into my coaching practice this year. Reach out if you want to come coachwith me!

6. Writing.

In 2016 one of my goals was to write a book. And… I didn’t. I found every reason I could to not write it. The biggest one – a deep fear that no one would read it. When I told that to a friend of mine she said “If you don’t write it, no one will.” She’s right. So I write. I am going to aim simply for writing a collection of words that maybe will become a whole book.

7. Simplifying.

To truly find well being and wholeness in life is pretty simple (read: simple is not easy AND doesn’t require fancy things or skills to get). Surround yourself with good people. Sweat and move your body. Good sleep and eats. Stillness. Play. I see some “stuff” in my own life that is distracting me from my goals. It’s time to truly declutter. More intentional time online. Get rid of clothes I don’t feel good in. Less sheets and plates and hair products. More white space. More ease.

What about you?