Mindfulness and the will power to stay your course

Sometimes what you want doesn’t come without a fight.

My husband and I are set to leave on a sailing trip in two days. The water pump on the boat is broken. This is one of many obstacles so far.

This trip is a culmination of a year’s work of reconnecting to each other. A two and a half week adventure to Cortes Island in BC’s Gulf Islands, just the two of us, some whales (hopefully) and the ocean.

The idea that once you get clear on what you want, then the rest is easy, it’s not. AS there is challenge in uncertainty, there’s equal challenge that comes with clarity and intention.

With clarity comes a call for will power

The universe has given us well over twenty reasons to cancel this trip. We’ve both said no to dream work gigs, had four cat sitters back out, a back log of client work, the front sail to repair. The list is long. And, we are committed. Giving up on the trip feels like giving up on each other. Heck no is that happening! We are clear on what we want, from this trip and our relationship. Here we are, it’s two days till cast off, we’ve hit an obstacle that we might not be able to overcome in time.

This is life right? Staying the course requires will power. Commitment takes trust. While the goal or intention is clear, the journey there is not. Layer in the fatigue, self-doubt, fear, and full on anger at the universe, there’s so many reasons to give up. What will you do when your goals get hard?


Will power, trust, commitment

What is will power? Will is the ability to make conscious choice. Will power is the drive to exercise that choice. Will power sustains you when you have to keep going. When the curve balls come (as they no doubt do), will power is what decides if you stay true to what you’ve committed to.

One of my teacher’s, Gloria Latham, once said to me “trust is created when we keep our commitments.” Commitment is the seed of trust. It forces you to show up for your life. Even when it’s hard. That’s one of the best lessons of mindfulness – the ability to stay true to your course no matter what the weather brings. Will power is cultivated when we are conscious about what we want. Trust comes from your ability to stay calm and on your compass in the storms. Commitment is the wind in your sails.

What will you do when you’re called to access will power?

I write this after the sun’s gone down and while Kamil is in the shed welding away at the water pump. The trip is hinging on a smooth repair. Our commitment to the trip and to each other is unwavering.