Move ahead with intention

I am feeling sentimental. The ending of one year, the start of another hits all my sensitive buttons. While New Years can be seen as just another day, I like to take advantage of a fixed time to reflect, reset, and plan.

I’ve just completed my year in review using a simple yet powerful tool created by my yoga teacher, client, and friend Natalie Rousseau. It’s a really great worksheet you can access here.

One of the questions from the worksheet asks you to consider 3 intentions, goals, or desires you have for the next year. Here’s mine:


Play in the woods, ocean, and mountains every single day. Do a longer solo hike. Travel to two new places.


Live more mindfully. Keep my daily meditation going (today is day 160!). Take weekly breaks from social media. Reduce texting when I am a passenger.



Say no more often (so that I have more space for the yes). Be ok with the discomfort. Try something new every week.

The hardest thing about setting intentions is to keep them simple and tangible. When intentions get too big or unfocused, you can feel like they’re too far away, a distant mountain. As a coach, I have witnessed this take people from possibility to self-doubt. My advice to you – focus on the feeling. When you think of a goal, close your eyes and ask: does this feel good? If it doesn’t feel good to run a marathon, don’t make it your goal. If it does feel good to go to sleep an hour earlier, commit to trying for a week or month.

Small actions add up over time. Have faith in the baby steps.

This is the year to make conscious choices. There is no better year to begin. No better time to make the most of this life.