What are you generous with?

This month’s focus is on generosity and your moment coaching video asked you –

What are you generous with?

I recently discovered something called generosity burn out. We’re often rewarded for what we give, judged when we want to keep something for ourselves. I’m on this journey with you. I’m sharing with you what I’m generous with. Here goes!

What I am generous with

I breathe deeply for a few moments with my eyes closed. What comes up for me over and over again:

My time.
I breathe slower. What does it mean to be generous with my time? I go deeper and keep digging. By being generous with my time I am also generous with:
My desire to help.
My guest bedroom.
My appreciation, advice and feedback.
I dig more. And I find that I am also generous when:
I worry.
I obsess over a conversation, if I said and did the right thing.
I emotionally beat myself up when I mess up.
I try not to cry as I peel back the layers. Mindfulness teaches me to be compassionate and non-judging for what arises. I try to stay open.

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What do you have to give?

I continue to reflect. Being generous implies that you have something to give. What happens when we over-give?

Sometimes over-giving makes me feel good. A friend in need calls at midnight and I’m there, no question. AND sometimes I’m overly generous because I’m afraid, of losing out, being seen differently, not fitting it. If I give what I don’t have, then what’s left then for me?
This is where burn-out lives – when we give what I we don’t have.

I go deeper with this question and discover that I am most joyous when I give what I have. This awareness means I’ve already shifted what can happen next. That’s the power of mindful coaching. Once you see, you’ve already changed.