What do you drop everything for?

This month’s MOMENT COACHING question is…

What do you drop everything for?

I was asked this question by my first coach. I was working 60+ hours a week, my marriage was shaky and I was sick all the time. Those coaching sessions with Sandy were a sanctuary, a place where I could catch a break from the chaos that was my life back then.

This question changed the course of my life. I realized that no matter how tired I am, how long I’d been working or how sick I was, I drop everything when someone asks me to help them.

At first I saw this as a weakness. Symptoms of my desire to please people and fear of letting others down. Partly why I was so burnt out was because of how much I was giving to others and not to myself.

Over time, with the help of coaching, sleep and new habits, I got calm and I got strong. It was then that I realized that what I drop everything for is my purpose. Right there, I began the journey to become a coach.



How does time fit in?

We’re all given the same 24 hours in every day. Today’s current pace encourages us to use every one of those hours in service. Of our work, others, even our calling.

Burnout happens when we give what we don’t have. When your day is spent giving, what’s left in you to give toward what you’d drop everything for?

How much of your time are you giving to something that’s not aligned with your purpose?

Those things that you’d rather drop than do – are they taking the bulk of your time?

Are you saying yes when you’d rather say no?

Are you doing things that make you feel weak and stressed out?

Those things you drop everything for can reveal your purpose. What time, energy and commitment do you want to give to that?