When do you feel strong?

This month’s MOMENT COACHING question is…

When do you feel strong?

Growing up, my parents encouraged me to develop my strengths. They also encouraged me to get better at the things I was weaker at.

This approach is similar at work. Have you been acknowledged for things you’re great at and then asked to develop in the areas you’re not? The classic feedback sandwich of personal and professional development.

For me, I find building my weaknesses exhausting. Doing things that are not my strengths make me feel weak. And for a perfectionist like me it’s easy to go down a negative spiral of self deprecating thoughts. Can you relate?

We all have strengths. On the other side, we all have things we’re not strong at. That’s part of what makes you YOU. 

While we can work on those weaknesses and get better at them, even great at them, it often comes at the price of our well being. 

Our natural strengths 

Our natural strengths take the least amount of effort from us. They often feel easeful, even effortless. Feel good feelings. Our strengths are things that we enjoy doing and get us excited. For example, I love coaching. I feel strong and alive when I’m helping someone discover their best selves.


The flipside to this strengths exploration is the q:

When do you feel weak?

There are things that make all of us feel weak. These are often things that deplete our energy and brew up self judgement. Things we don’t look forward to, procrastinate on, or even avoid.

If you say yes to things that make you feel weak, you give time and energy to something that depletes you. If you say yes to things that make you feel strong, you give time and energy to something that makes you thrive.

Notice when you feel strong and when you feel weak. Mindfully notice. Where can you do more of what makes you strong?