Where do you go to get clear?

This month we are exploring the question:

Where do you go to get clear?

One of the things I hear a lot from my clients is the wish for more space. Much of our world is set up so that we are going from one thing to the next.Our schedules are filled with back-to-back meetings where we’re already late for the next one because when that one ends, the another begins. 

For me, it’s time in nature and on my yoga mat, moving my body. It’s talking to a friend who listens without judging me. I need this space like I need oxygen. When I don’t get it, I tend to made the wrong choices. Without this space, things can get worse. I can get saucy and yell at people (who I love and don’t want to yell at). 

Can you relate to that?

It can feel like there’s always something that needs your attention. For me, sometimes I feel that if I’m not hustling and ‘producing,’ then I am not doing enough. A common topic that comes up in my coaching practice is how our value is wrapped into external validation. What we produce is a refection of our worth in the world.

Clarity | Life coaching quote Urszula Lipsztajn

If that’s our driver, then we just keep producing, filling up the space with doing. That doing - it’s like the trail that lights your path forward is clouded in a fog. It’s hard to take the next step when you can’t see clearly where you’re going.

If there’s no space, how do we get clear about what we’re doing and why?

So how we do make space? Stay tuned as I’ll share a practice next week. For now, keep breathing into this question - Where do you go to get clear? Notice if you’re getting enough time in those places. 

Know that with this new awareness you’ve already changed what happens next.