What do you value?

This month we are exploring the question:

What do you value?

I ask this question - and answer it myself - often. Why? Because it is at the core of why we do what we do, why we care about things, and when things go well and things go off. It’s also present in the times we disagree and have a conflict with people. More to come on this next week.

At this time of year it’s an important question to ask because the hustle and bustle of the holidays can bring out the best and not so best parts of ourselves. When we know what we value, we can understand why we care about things and why we don’t. 

what do you value?.png

What do I value? 
Here’s three bigs ones that keep coming up for me:


A big theme in my life this year has been kindness. To myself when I fail, and to others when they fail (a classic pairing for perfectionists!). I value when people are kind when things go wrong. I value the little and big kind actions from strangers. 


I value the beauty of a morning forest and an ocean sunset. I value the neat and tidy, a clean kitchen and an empty sink. I value the beauty of an honest message. The beauty that comes when we are vulnerable. The beauty of seeing someone shining and taking courageous action. 


I value the freedom to be ourselves, to pursue our calling, to become all we are. I am grateful and privileged to live in a place where I have freedom. I value when people freely express themselves, especially on a dance floor and with their ideas.

What do you value?