What keeps you going in hard times?

This month’s MOMENT COACHING question is…

What keeps you going in hard times?

Perseverance. Grit. Resiliency. 

Life throws curveballs in all kind of ways. Like me, you’ve gone through hard times. Perhaps there were times when you felt like giving up. Wondering if “it’s” all worth it. The effort, the heartache, the struggle. Have you felt times of deep sadness? Have you gone through some things you never want to go through again? 

I have. One of the themes in my life is hardship. Since I was a kid I have been dealt one curveball after another. No matter how big or small the challenge is, we can feel pushed to our limit. Mentally, emotionally, physically. I get the struggle because, like you, I’ve been there.

One of the greatest challenges I face daily is living with depression. I’m not alone. Likely ever other person you meet is dealing with a mental health challenge. Do you struggle too?

What keeps me going through hard times

One of the reasons I practice mindfulness is because of this month’s MOMENT COACHING question. 

Whether it’s depression, loss, a hard conversation, or a goal that seems impossible, what keeps me going is an unwavering belief that my life has meaning. I could be in the darkest moment and if I am mindful and breathe deeply, I can access this feeling of having purpose. 

This feeling gives me the perseverance – the grit – to keep going. 

What keeps you going in hard times? 

If you can hear what keeps you going you can use that voice to transcend obstacles with more focus, compassion, and ease. Listen deeply to that voice inside you. It is talking to you all the time.

Next week I’ll share how I define resiliency and practices to strengthen yours. I so appreciate you being here.