Listen to your intuition

This month we’re diving into the deep waters of choice. The question – How do you know if you’ve made the right choice?

Whether you can hear it or not, we all have intuition. We all innately know what’s best for us. That gut feeling that tells us yes and no. Sometimes, it talks to us after the fact with a big “I knew this was going to happen.” Sometimes our intuition lets us know right away. In our stomach, our throats, and shoulders. 

Being in choice is where peace, freedom, and meaningful success are found. Listen for it.

Our mind has this ability to rationalize, analyze and justify. You can often feel that unless your mind can validate your intuition you’re making the wrong choice. That somehow the mind decides what you innately need. 

When the mind decides over your heart and gut, you can steer off your course. Or, get stuck in indecision that simply holds you back from experiencing peace, freedom, and meaningful success.

I invite you to practice tapping into your intuition. No right, no wrong here. Simply practices to help you be in choice. Here’s two powerful ways that have supported my clients and myself.

Practices to tap into your intuition

1) Pause and listen
The next time you have to make a choice, simply pause. Take a breath and listen. To your body, your feelings, and your thoughts. This is mindfulness in action. Try it at restaurants, at work, and with your family.

2) Visualize
One of the most powerful ways to access intuition is to visualize yourself saying yes and no to a choice. Pretend to take one option and see how you feel. Then pretend to take another. How does that feel? Which choice makes you feel expansive and joyous? Which makes you contract and stressed?

This journey to being your best you – it’s a practice. Be kind to yourself. That deep peace, freedom and meaningful success is right there in you.