Two practices to build courage

This month we’re exploring the question –

 What does courage mean to you?

How can you see yourself as courageous? Right up there with the people you see as brave?

Here are two practices that can help build your courage muscles. I use them with my coaching clients. Like all the practices I share with you, I do them myself.

2 practices to build courage

1) Be uncomfortable

No matter how little, do something that’s challenging. Take an ant-size step toward it. Think of something that makes you safely uncomfortable. Not terrified and not relaxed, somewhere in between. And take that ant-size step.

2) Honour your accomplishments

One of the best practices you can do to build resiliency and bravery is to write down or say aloud an accomplishment each day. I often include this in my journalling practice, completing the sentence “I accomplished…”

Here’s to your courage. May your brave heart shine.