The power of micro habits in personal transformation

What did you discover about who you want to be? Why is that important to you?

This past weekend Tracy, one of my favourite humans, and I led a workshop on Vision and Goals. Tracy brings a wealth of wisdom and great listening to any conversation. During the section on Habits, Tracy shared with us the idea of micro-habits - the smallest things you can do every day that will boost your happiness and well-being. 

The power of micro habits

Micro habits are the difference between doing something once a week or month or year, to every single day. 

Do something every day - Urszula Lipsztajn.png

For example, is who you want to be this year someone who is healthy? Relaxed? Strong? Positive? Boldly kind? One option is to set a goal to workout 2-3 times/week or to do a silent meditation retreat twice a year. Another option using micro-habits to set bite-sized daily goals like committing to 5 minutes of push-up, jump rope, and sit-ups once a day. 

Instead of doing 1 rep of 20, can you do 20 reps of 1? Can you meditate for 2 minutes instead of trying to find time for 30? Can you take one deep breath now?

When you do something every day it becomes a normal, necessary part of your life. Right up there with brushing your teeth, morning coffee, and showers.

What micro-habits can you start to support who you want to be this year?