Create micro-habits to be your best

What are you uncovering about who you want to be this year?

Last week I shared the concept of micro-habits with you. These are the smallest things you can do every day to make meaningful and sustainable change in your life. To be the person you want to be. Not just once a week or month, but every single day. 

Often when we want to implement new habits in our lives, we go for big. Changes that require lots of time or energy or resources - or all of the above. These big things can become a big block to activating personal growth. We can make it hard on ourselves to make the new habit a reality.

Can you make it easy? Can you do it every day?

What’s the one small practice you can commit
to so you can be who you want to be?

thoughts don't have meaning until you give them meaning..png


Who I want to be this year is boldly kind. My micro-habit is:

I commit to saying a thoughtful thank you to someone once a day without them having done something for me. 

It’s simple and I have all the tools I need to do it (a way to communicate, a voice, people in my life). I make it easy on myself by writing thank you on a post-it and sticking it somewhere I can see it, a reminder to get on it! 

It sounds small, but it’s these little things that build to create strong, reliable habits that you do without thinking about it.

They become who you are.

Most of us would never leave the house without brushing our teeth. We’d rather be late than go into a meeting with fuzzy gums. Treat this micro-habit the same way.

Make today the day you take a small and very important step toward who you want to be.

Thank you for reading this, for your desire to become all you are. And for holding me accountable to being boldly kind.