My goals for 2018

Did you know that if you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them? The simple act of documenting can be the difference on whether you reach your visions or not.

It's the time for setting intentions, goals, and creating powerful visions for yourself.

When I teach goal setting I focus on creating goals that have four key components:

  1. They are deeply meaningful to you.

  2. They are challenging. Difficult and possible.

  3. They are specific. Think laser-beam focus.

  4. They have a clear timeline (aka a "by when" date)

If you have all four of these in your goal creation, you are set up to go for gold. I am also a big fan of affirming language and using "I will" statements.

Last year I had seven goals on my list. This year I am focusing on four. 

Tofino Shoreline 1.jpg

My goals for 2018

I hike the sunshine coast trail (180km) solo by Aug 31st 2018

Why? I love the physical sweaty challenge combined with the mental challenge of being alone in the woods. I love to be outside; I live surrounded by water and mountains, and nature is one of my core values. This goal is like going on a silent meditation retreat but in my way. I'm so excited for this one!

✔️ Completed June 20-30, 2018 with an extra 18k for a total of 198k

I do work that is 100% meaningful to me, starting now

This year marks number six as an entrepreneur. I have done many different contracts, with diverse clients. I've learned a lot. Now, I've focused in, niched myself to mindful life skills for leaders and entrepreneurs. I'm happy. Recently after leading a workshop for a team, Gloria (the co-founder of Semperviva Yoga College) said "you've grown six inches taller since you were here last." Without pause, I responded by saying, "I know who I am." I know who I am and I am doing work I 100% love. So far I am 100% on target for this goal.

✔️ Nailed this one this year with incredible coaching clients and companies like Proof, Nurse Next Door, SFU RADIUS, Semperviva, Yoga Outreach, Ecotrust, and so many more! Done!

I heal my stomach by August 1st 2018

Since I was a kid I've had trouble with my digestion. This is the year I lay off the foods that make me feel bad, spend time with my Naturopath, and heal this stomach of mine. I LOVE food, especially the ones I can't eat right now like cheese and bread, but I am committed. I even gave up chips! Wish me luck!

✔️ I had amazing progress until September when I got a flu bug for 4 weeks. Slowly repairing again and looking forward to a strong gut in 2019

I muscle up by July 15th 2018

This goal is about getting really strong. I have had depression for over 20 years, and I know - if I sweat hard, I feel better. So, this year I joined the gym and have been building my strength from the inside out. On top of yoga, and teaching Kundalini once a week, the gym gives me the mental boost I need to feel solid. This goal is about what I call "muscling up" - challenging my limitations and beliefs to transcend and become stronger versions of myself. Every time I hit a class, spin on a bike or stretch on a foam roller, I use the workout to support my best.

✔️ This is the strongest I’ve felt in my life. Through this goal, I learned to: dead lift, shadow box, manage blisters, scramble over exposed peaks, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and row 2000m in under 10 minutes!

So, what are you commiting to this year?