Who do you want to be this year? Why?

It's January 2018 and we are exploring the questions:

Who do you want to be this year? Why?

In the video, I added a side-car question if your answer was "me" and asked you, who is that person?

What I love about this exploration is that it highlights that we have a say in how we show up. We have a say when things are easy and fun and when things are tough and life throws lemons at us. Especially when life throws lemons.

A couple years ago, I started asking myself this question to kick off a new year, project, or a relationship. It immediately puts me in a place of choice. It's also foundational, like the framework of a contract we create with ourselves. 

Who do you want to be.png

Who do I want to be? 

I have two themes on who I want to be this year, and why:

Boldly kind

A central theme in 2017 for me was kindness. This year I want to take that to the next level. I want to be boldly kind, where I fully let go of worry about if my true self isn't enough. Where I replace anger and frustration with a flood of love. Bold kindness doesn't mean rolling over and "taking it." It means clearer and richer relationships, saying no sooner, and finding grace sooner when the lemons are tossed.

Why? Because being boldly kind allows me to be a catalyst for strengthening human connections and will bring lemonade cups’ worth of peace to my life.

Radically abundant

My parents grew up in post-war Poland where scarcity and survival dominated life. Growing up, there was always this fear that a disaster would strike and I was taught to always be prepared for the worst. I did some work last year with one of my healers and now I'm ready to step into radical abundance. For me this means I trust in my path and I know where I'm going, and I give with unattached generosity.

Why? Becuase radical abundance is freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.