How to set strong goals

In my coaching work, I use a simple framework to help people self-actualize. It comes from Integral Coaching (what I'm trained in) and it goes like this:

You have a current way of being. And you can choose a new way of being.

How you choose to be in the world right now is not how you have to be moving forward. You can decide right now to be --

More kind. Less angry. More assertive and confident. Less judgemental and fear-driven. You can decide to choose action over apathy. Choice over disempowerment. Choose a new way.

And I'll tell you something more --> the world today needs people (aka you) to be a catalyst for compassion, equity, and conscious action. A powerful way to do that? To become the highest version of yourself.

Insert Goal Setting

Last post I invited you to explore the questionWhat do you want 2019 to look like?  That's the vision, now it's time for goals. I'm a big fan of goal setting because I've seen how strong goals are how to create intentional and sustainable change in your life. Vision + goals are the path to your new way.

Today I'm sharing with you my method for creating powerful goals for your whole life.

Goal setting can be seen as something only go-getters or high achievers do. Really though, goals are about:

  • getting aware of where you are and where you want to be

  • the choices you want to make moving forward

  • taking action on those choices

If you don’t have goals, life can pass you by. If your goals don’t mean something to you, then can block your way forward, or worse, have you become someone you never intended on becoming.

How to set strong goals

I’ve coached a lot of people to goal set. If you follow these steps in the video, then laser beam in on your top 3-5 goals, you will have a solid plan to get to where you want to go.

Here’s a great worksheet from my friends at the CorkerCo to help you get there.

How do you want to move forward?