5 Steps to transcend fear

What are you afraid of?

Here are some responses some of you have shared to this month's question:

I'm afraid that I'm not good enough to be leading others. 
I'm afraid I'll be seen as an imposter.
I'm afraid people will think I'm stupid.
I fear looking back
on my life and having regrets. So, I attempt to live a life bearing witness to simple pleasures.
I fear I've thrown my career away by focusing on my kids. I'm behind and I'll never catch up.
I am terrified of being alone.

I'm afraid of what others think of me.

Can you relate to any of these? 

In my line of work, I explore fear a lot. It's one of the top five themes I help people with. I'm not going to BS you by saying things like "fear is your friend" or "be fearless" or "get over it." Fear is a natural part of life. Fear is real. It's scary, hard, and painful. Fear can create overwhelming anxiety. It can lead us to make choices that keep us small and divided. 

Fear can also be a powerful catalyst for manifesting creativity and action. 

5 Steps to transcend fear

This month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by renowned yoga teacher and entrepreneur Natalie Rousseau for her Professional Teachers course. In the yoga world where it's hard to make a living, let alone thrive, Natalie is leading the way. 

In the interview, I share 5 steps to transcend fear. Listen to the interview. Here's a summary of the steps.

1) Write your fears down

When we write our fears down, we name and acknowledge them. They lose their grip and we find a new perspective. We gain a new way through.

2) Have a ceremony for them

Once you write down your fears, say them aloud, then burn them up. In many cultures, fire is a powerful cleansing ritual. On my retreats, I have participants burn notes of things they want to let go it. The practice helps them break free from old patterns and step into new ways of being.

3) Forgive yourself

Write a forgiveness letter to yourself for all the things you're afraid of. In the interview, I share how I do this.

Urszula Lipsztajn - on creativity and fear

4) Take action

When fear is present, be productive toward your goals. It's ok to be afraid, AND can you: make the presentation awesome, practice your speech, go to that workout class, be by someone's side when they are struggling. A mountain is climbed by taking many steps. Take steps to get closer to what you want, and fear will transform into courage.

5) Do squats

Yes, squats. Drop and give me 3 sets of 20. By physically moving our body we focus our mind and build our muscles. When your body is strong, your mind is strong. Commit to doing squats every day and see what happens.

I hope this post helps you transcend your fear into a manifestation of your calling. Have tips that work for you? Or a tip here that resonates most for you? Reach out and share them.