How to release judgment

One of my clients and I were recently celebrating a big win of theirs. At the end of their share, they said with pure happiness “I’m in awe of what it means to exist.” 

Are you in awe of your life?

I spent years being not in awe, but in doubt. You see, since I was a kid I have been what my husband Kam calls a “Judge Judy.” I judged myself harshly for every small thing. I’d scan my words and actions over and over to see where I went “wrong.” Focusing in on the one thing I messed up, ignoring all the that went well.

I was so damn hard on myself that I was equally hard on others, the world and beyond.

Recently Judge Judy showed back up. I was surrounded by people who were judging. Like a fast moving river I fell into the ‘judgement’ flow. I wasn’t seeing the good all around and I was feeling the weight of the world’s pain.

In a single moment - just like that - I was downstream. 

This is not where I shine.I doubt it’s where you do too. 

Being in awe of life means being present for life happening now. It’s the essence of mindfulness. Curious and with wonder for what is here. When judgement is present, awe for life isn’t because we can’t see who and what is here.


How to release judgement

How do you get out of the river and back to yourself? I did it by getting mindful to the here and now. I got present for all my feels. Then I allowed compassion in by forgiving myself for slipping into the river in the first place. Choosing to use this moment to be kind to myself. So that I can see myself. So I can see others.

It only takes a moment to find yourself somewhere you didn’t mean to get to. 

Your practice

  1. Simply sit in what is present for you. The sadness, judgement, anger, guilt — whatever you’re feeling that’s like you version of my river. 

  2. Once you’ve felt your feels, make a choice that comes from your truest self. 

This is where I’m at today. May my story invite you to come back to the here and now so you have be in awe of your life.