How to measure your life

I’m obsessed with time.

Since I was a kid I’ve questioned, explored, worried, lost, created and craved time. What is it, where does it come from, and where does it go?

Of all the things my client say they want more of, their number one response is time.

What do you want more time for? And… what’s stopping you from giving time to those things?

The most common regrets of the dying have a lot to do with time. Not only that but two other things I’m also obsessed with.

Time, trust and legacy

How do you measure your life?

I’ve been thinking about the relationship between time, trust and legacy. I’ve come up with a simple equation:

  • At the end of your life you leave behind your legacy.

  • Your legacy is measured in how you spend your time.

  • How you spend your time comes down to what you say yes and no to.

  • Trust is what allows you to make choices - what you say yes and no to.

  • When you trust yourself you make faster and aligned choices.

  • When you make faster and aligned choices, you spend your time on what matters.

  • When you spend time on what matters, you consciously create your legacy.

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How to create your legacy

There’s no simple answer here. As a coach, I believe it’s the power of the question that reveals the way forward. Here are some questions to help you create your legacy:

  • What choices will you make so your time equals your legacy?

  • How do you want to measure your life?

  • How do you spend your time?

  • What is it time to say yes to?

  • What is it time to say no to?

  • What do you need to learn to trust in?

  • What would be possible if you trusted yourself?

Once you’ve answered these questions, see what patterns emerge. From there, determine your choices and actions so that your time equals the legacy you seek to create.