My Daily Practice: How I Thrive

Calm, clear, strong. I wasn't always like this.

I have been --

Angry, a total asshole, selfish, judgemental, wrong, road raging, yelling, stressed out, burned out mess. I have cried in office bathroom stalls. I've watched hours of TVinstead of working out. I've had the flu for weeks at a time. I've told my husband to F off more than once. I could go on about the less-stellar moments of Urszula.

I'm telling you this because, like you, I wasn't born with a meditation pillow under my butt.

Often we see people who are radiating zen and well-being and feel so far away from them because of where we are.

This weekend I held my annual fall retreat to a sold-out tribe of incredible women. A theme that came from the weekend is Practice.

The practice of being the person you want to be in the world.

I am a big believer in practice. It's what keeps me calm, strong, and clear, no matter what comes my way. If you've worked with me, you know about practice because part of your journey is creating rituals that help you thrive. 

I wasn't always like this, and I am now because of practice.




Every damn day. No matter what. 11 minutes minimum.

Positive Self Speak

I tell myself positive things out loud, literally. Words have power.


After meditation, I write freely for 4-6 minutes with no agenda.


After meditation I do 9 minutes minimum of physical movement, often yoga. I get in two or three 60-90 minute yoga practices or workouts each week.


I walk, bike, or hike outside in any weather. Minimum 7 minutes. I commute via foot or bicycle where possible. Instead of dinners out, date nights involve outside adventure.


I let at least 3 people know that I’m grateful for them and why. Practice an attitude of gratitude.


I prioritize sleep by shutting down technology by 8:00pm. My nighttime ritual: I light incense, take 3 conscious breaths, oil massage my feet, and read a book for love (not work).

It’s often the simplest things that bring the biggest change. What practices will you commit to so you can be your best?