I’m back from hosting my last retreat for 2019 called Trust. Trust is one of the top five reasons people coach with me: to learn how to trust yourself — your true self — and your path.

One of the things that gets in the way trusting ourselves is what I call the winds of emotion. Consider if you’ve experienced this:

When I wake up feeling good, it’s going to be a great day.

When I wake up feeling bad, today is going to be hard and suck.

That’s a simple example for how the winds of emotion can blow you away from what you know, want, believe in, trust in.

your emotions

Emotions are powerful and serve an important role in our lives. They let us know if we feel happy, safe, and if we are in the right or wrong place. Emotions also teach us about love and everything in between. But, when we use them as the weather vane for our choices, we risk going way off course.


Because emotions blow in and out all day long. They are triggered by big and small things, social norms, past experiences, trauma, systemic constructs, temperature, illness or health. Everything around you can spark an emotional response.

If you spend your time and energy reacting every time emotions breezed in you’d feel lost, exhausted, and full of doubt. That’s a hard way to live. I’ve tried it.

your moment coaching question

Today’s Moment Coaching question invites you to explore the winds of your emotions. In order to move forward we need to see where we are. No judgement, simply bring awareness to what’s here. Happy exploring.