Thee practice to overcome with grace

Pause, take a slow mindful breath in.

This month we are exploring overcomingdefined as: succeed in dealing with a difficult challenge.

Moments that challenge you and take you beyond what you think you are capable become a part of your DNA. The fabric of your story. They make you who you are. 

Honour your hard times. They make you strong. 

If you’re like me, there are times you look back on that you wish you could do over with more poise and grace - more control. I’m offering this insight without regrets but with awareness that the stress, heated words, restless nights, and unnecessary fights just make the challenge harder.  

When you’re already struggling to stay afloat, it’s easy to just succumb to the pressure. While we can ask for forgiveness for our reactive actions later, what if you could stay calm and steady throughout? 

What if you could do a simple practice every day that would help you overcome challenges with more grace? Would you do it?

Overcome with grace - Urszula Lipsztajn

The number one practice to overcome with grace

Meditate. Every single day. Period.

I cannot tell you enough how powerful a daily meditation practice is. Yes, it’s hard at first. Meditation asks you to overcome your perception of “not enough time/space/resources/energy.” It requires you to learn to sit still and soften your thoughts, to face your inner voices and emotions head-on. Meditation can make you feel weird, uncomfortable, judgemental. 


Meditation will change your life. It will bring you sustained ease, inner peace, and clarity. More time and space to do things right the first time. A delicious calmness to your day. And a strong muscle to get through challenges with grace. 

I have a goal to meditate 1,000 days in a row. Today is day 998. Can today be your day one?