Living your purpose

What are you here to do?

Last week my friend and fellow coach Tracy Hutton and I led our annual fundraiser for Yoga Outreach. It’s called Purpose + Goals and I look forward to jamming with Tracy every year.

The dictionary defines purpose as: "the reason for why something is done or created; the reason why something or someone exists.” Tracy is a strengths coach. Have you heard of StrengthsFinder? She helped write that book with Marcus Buckingham. She has a powerful definition for purpose:

Purpose is using your strengths to serve

Since the beginning of time, across every culture, humans have been asking: Why am I here?

Do you know why you’re here? No judgement, simply check in on that. I’ll tell you this — it’s bigger than simply being a great person, being loved and admired, or inspiring to others.

It’s you being in service to others.


Pause and breathe this in. That sensation you may be feeling? That’s your power calling you. And that power - it has a ripple effect.

Others can be people, the earth, systemic issues, and anything in between. Likely you have something that is calling you. Something you already care deeply about making right or better.

When you know why you're here and how you want to serve, your choices and actions become clear and meaningful. Through purpose you are empowered to use your strengths to do your important work in the world.

How would you move through life if you knew your purpose?

How to find your purpose

This is more than “do these 5 things and boom!” Here are some basics to get you started:

  1. Discover your strengths

    What do you love doing that you are great at? No fancy words or assessments needed. Write down whatever comes up for you. Then narrow down to 5 or less words.

  2. Identify your cause

    What cause or issue fires you up? What do you read or hear about in the news that just gets your heart going? What do you care so much about that you talk about all the time? That right there connects you to why you’re here. Name it.

  3. Take action

    Don’t wait until your purpose is clear and beautifully written to do something. Use one or more of your strengths to make positive change toward your cause now. Start as big or small as you need. And get going.