Without this, little else matters

There’s a part of you that needs your daily attention. No matter what the day brings. No matter what’s on your calendar. 

It’s not your meditation practice (though you know I stand behind that). 

It’s not your mind. 

Or your heart. 

And it’s definitely not your inbox. 

A visit to the ER

I recently spent some time in the ER (not to worry, I’m ok!). This moment really highlighted that this one part of me, of you — of all of us — is truly the number one priority. Without it, little else is possible.

Years ago I had an auto-immune virus that gave me single-sided deafness. This means that I am 100% deaf in my right ear (It’s partly why I love heart hugging).

When I found out I was hearing impaired I spent the next year in intense anxiety. I didn’t know if I could coach or teach or be in loud places. I remember being afraid of falling asleep because I wouldn’t be able to hear if someone came into the house if my “good” ear was down. It was a scary time.

This week I woke up with pain in my good ear. Just. Like. Last. Time. I went to the hospital terrified of losing all hearing. It turned out to be a bad sinus infection; crisis averted, and a big realization came to me.

Your Basic Needs

Most of my coaching clients needs support with tending to they basic needs. If you’ve taken a Resiliency workshop with me you’ll be familiar with this concept. It’s so important that it takes up a whole module in my online coaching immersion Take Off.

I’m talking about your fundamentals.

Essentially, fundamentals are at the bottom row of Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs and consist of: sleep, food, water, and movement.

Ultimately, fundamentals are about your number one priority:

Your body

Moment Coaching - Urszula Lipsztajn.png

Without your body, little else is possible

If you’ve been sick, have a disability, a mental health challenge, or a chronic condition that you manage every day - this is your body.

Basic needs are all about your body. How can you actualize your greatness if you’re not sleeping? How can you have healthy relationships if your body is in crisis? How do you feel safe if your body is on alert?

It’s hard to be the a great boss or parent or friend if you are physically struggling.

Your practice

Your body needs your daily attention. Period. No matter what the day brings. No matter what’s on your calendar. No matter what else is important. What do you need to shift in your life so that you are tending to your fundamentals?

Are you sleeping well?

Are you eating foods that feed you?

Are you drinking water?

Are you moving your body?

Some things that happen to you are out of your control. Some aren’t. Don’t wait until your body is in crisis to care for it.


Your Moment Coaching question asks you to go deep into yourself. The parts you like, and the parts you don’t.

This question often triggers an emotional response in people. Whatever comes up for you is a-ok. Do your best not to judge it as good or bad, simply what is. Use your breath to get present and mindful to what’s arising for you.

How to release judgment

How to release judgment

Are you in awe of your life?

I spent years being not in awe, but in doubt. You see, since I was a kid I have been what my husband Kam calls a “Judge Judy.” I judged myself harshly for every small thing. I’d scan my words and actions over and over to see where I went “wrong.” I would focus in on the one thing I messed up, ignoring all the proof that pointed to what is and went well.

Choose to Thrive

What did you discover about what it will take for you to thrive?

Sometimes it feels like we are so far away from thriving that it's hard to even imagine living differently. Sometimes we are so close that frustration or fatigue blocks us from making the choices that will help us get there. Sometimes, we feel strong, calm, and clear - life is good.

Why Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to pause and take stock of what I call the current conditions, so you can see without judgement what's happening right now. Not in the past where you often want to either run from or go back to. Or the future where we want to be or avoid. Right here.

Choose to Thrive

Watch the video and discover how to take action —

What choices will you make?

It's a cliché that change takes time. The reality is that it does. What will you do when things get hard?

When we decide to change, resistance rises and your current patterns attempt to pull you back. What choices will you make to stay steady and committed to your path? 

Remember, it’s often the simplest things that bring the biggest transformation.

To you, thriving.