Create your vision for 2019

In my last post I invited you to explore your blocks. What patterns do you see about where you’re stuck?

When you can clearly see your blocks, you can choose what you do about them. When we can’t see our blocks, three things can happen:

  1. We are blinded by them and make small choices

  2. We allow them to be the excuse for why we are not moving forward

  3. We blame others for our limitations

It’s hard to take action when the obstacles in your way aren’t named.

Why it’s a good time identify blocks

November is the best time to vision for the coming year. Not in January when we can feel already behind. Now, before the end of year rush settles in. Then, come January 1st you have a plan in place.

The best visions are created without blocks that limit our possibility.

Now that you’ve named your blocks, what choices do you want to make? How can you vision for the next year without them in your way?

Create your vision for 2019

Pour a cup of tea, grab some blank sheets of paper, and your favourite markers and pens. This MOMENT COACHING question is here to help you vision for 2019, block free.