How to take action on your yeses

What did you discover about what you want to say yes to?

What’s calling you?

And… can your choices align with those yeses?

This is the sweet spot - when our yeses align with our actions. Through action we make our yeses real.

In this way, our actions breathe life into our desires and allow us to create the life we want for ourselves.

Last week I shared with you a practice to keep discovering those yeses. Not the “should” yeses that come from obligation but the BIG WILD yeses that come from your being.

What do you do now that you know what you want to say yes to?

You act.

How to take action on your yeses

This is where setting goals come in. Here’s what you do:

1) Choose your top 1-3 wants

Look at your list of big wild yeses and lock in on 1-3 that, if you could make real, would have a profound positive shift in your life

Actions - Moment Coaching - Urszula Lipsztajn.png

2) Create your goals

The method I use consists of 4 elements. The goals are:

Meaningful: your goals deeply matter to you

Specific: laser beam in on them so they are crystal clear ie. instead of biking 3 times a week can you commit to bike 100km every week? instead of meditating every day can you meditate for 11 minutes every day for 40 days in a row?

Challenging: your goals are difficult and possible - you decide on the level of challenge (this relates to being specific)

Measurable: put clear dates to it with a day, month, year - this is more powerful than the end of summer or the end of the year

3) Declare

Share your goals with someone who will high-five, hug and champion you - this is a critical step to motivating you to take action

4) Act

Take action on your goals

To you saying YES to you. Answer the call