Do you want to thrive?

Coaching is a guided process that sees you whole, capable and empowered to make the right choices, and take the right actions for yourself and your life. The role of a coach is to guide you to self-actualization so that you can do what you’re here to do.



I coach leaders and entrepreneurs whose current way isn't working. Somewhere along the way of working, being there for others, and non-stop hustle, they've lost touch with who they are, why it all matters, and what they want life to be. They are stuck and not leading from their strengths, living their purpose, or fulfilled. They are ready for a new way. 

  • You work hard, often at the expense of your well-being

  • You have trouble saying no because you don't like to let people down

  • You have high expectations and are hard on yourself when you don't meet them

  • You're flat out tired - you're not getting enough sleep and time for yourself

  • You have negative self-talk that holds you back from your greatness

  • You genuinely love helping people - your schedule is full of helping with no room for you

  • You have trouble asking for and receiving help

  • You fight with people you care about and the little things are building up

  • You're burning out


  1. Get clear on a specific area of focus so that our work is strategic and impactful

  2. I make you a custom coaching plan that maps out your path forward, with clear goals and a vision for the future

  3. We meet once or twice/month to celebrate your successes, challenge your current paradigms, and inspire and activate your growth

  4. You get next-level practices with each session that will give you immediate results

  5. Between sessions, I hold you accountable to what I call your ‘personal development workout’

  6. At the end we acknowledge your strengths and celebrate your accomplishments, and I guide you with next steps to support your journey ahead

Sessions are held on the phone, via online video call (Zoom), or in person where possible. 



  • Self-esteem + confidence building

  • Next-leveling your leadership

  • Purpose + strengths discovery and activation

  • Vision, core values + goal setting

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Getting clear and honouring yours heck yeses + heck noes

  • Relationships + communication

  • Resiliency + self-care

Urszula is a generous listener with a quiet confidence that helps me believe in ME with no BS. If you want to find your strengths and truly be yourself in any situation; If you want to be, lead and live your best life, You NEED Urszula!
— Laurel Richardson. Manager, People + Culture, lululemon