I'm known for my bold, experiential workshops and speaking. Each one invites you to explore who you are and who you want to be - in a real way - so you can do the good work you’re here to do in the world. I use mindfulness, powerful coaching questions, and practical tools as the foundation of my teaching. Expect to leave empowered and activated. 

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These are best taught as a multi-session program, overnight retreat, or a short and sweet speaking gig.

Programs are 6- and 12-months long to activate real integration. Combine with coaching for complete, transformative journey. Reach out for custom programming. 



Your Framework to self-actualize

▪️ Discover your purpose + values

▪️ Get clear on your HECK YES's

▪️ Say NO to everything else

▪️ Activate your game plan to prioritize your priorities



Build thriving relationships with yourself + others

▪️ Set the foundation for everything you do

▪️ Break down your barriers + move forward

▪️ Have loving, proactive conversations using Radical Candor

▪️ Define + activate your new way of being



Stay strong + steady through CHALLENGING times

▪️ Identify your current state of resilience

▪️ Find a new way to lead in challenging times

▪️ Use mindfulness as a strategy to stay strong

▪️ Create your game plan to be resilient



Get clear + committed to your path forward

▪️ Create a 10-year vision for your whole life

▪️ Remove your blocks + self-limiting beliefs

▪️ Design powerful goals to activate your vision

▪️ Integrate + optimize habits for wellbeing

Urszula is a rare find as she has the ability to be a coach, mentor, facilitator and guide to individuals and groups. What struck me was the intimacy of her approach and how quickly she was able to get our clients comfortable and into the core of the session. I found it to be the most authentic and vulnerable session we’ve run, and the most productive as a result.
— Keith Ippel. Founder, Spring University


Entreprenuer Life Skills // RADIUS Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC

Guided by Compassion // American School Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico

Overcoming Fear, Elevating Creativity // Natalie Rousseau's Business Skills for Yoga Entrepreneurs, Pemberton BC

Trust // Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) + Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Edmonton AB

Radical Candor // PROOF, Nurse Next Door, and Semperviva Yoga

Bold Kind Leadership // Nurse Next Door

Toxic Leadership - Mindful Strategies to Be Resilient // Social Venture Institute (SVI), Vancouver BC

Vision + Goals // Personal Workshop with my gal Tracy Hutton, Squamish BC

The Most Disruptive Thing You Can Do // DisruptHR, Vancouver BC

Be resilient, Be You // Yoga Outreach Retreat, Langley BC

Toxic Tech - Mindful Strategies to Build Resilience // Women in Tech Rigatta, Vancouver BC



FREEDOM - Tofino Women's Retreat // May 10-13 // Tofino BC - SOLD OUT

EASE - Women's Retreat in the Woods // Sept 28-30 // Bowen Island BC - SOLD OUT



The Signature Experience - Personal Developoment Program // lululemon, Vancouver BC

Life Design + Self-Actualization // American School Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico

The Human Experience // Sea to Sky Summit with the Start Up Society, Whistler BC

Entrepreneur Visioning // Spring University, Vancouver BC

Emerging Leaders // Crystal Lodge & Resort, Whistler BC

Mindfulness for your Best Self // ViRTUS, Vancouver BC

Entrepreneur Leadership // Vancouver Start Up Week, Vancouver BC

Women, Find your Voice // Ucluelet and Toquaht Nation BC

Break Free from your Triggers // Social Venture Institute, Vancouver and Hollyhock Cortes BC

Resilient Leadership // Native Education College, Vancouver BC

Mindful Entrepeneur // RADIUS SFU, Vancouver BC

Whole Person Leadership // CityStudio, Vancouver BC

Self-love coaching circle // Yoga Outreach Retreat, Langley BC

Be resilient, be responsive // SAP, Vancouver BC

Leading Great Conversations // Royal And Sun Alliance, Vancouver + Toronto Canada