International, life-changing coach to the best impact leaders and entrepreneurs out there 


People around the globe are experiencing burn-out, overwhelm, and the results of reactive decision-making on the daily. We are losing ourselves to self-doubt, the should's and can't's, current paradigms that keep us small and divided. 

See yourself as enough. Say heck yes and heck no. Be bold. Be vulnerable.  Lead from love. Trust yourself. Listen deeper. Speak your truth. Challenge the status quo. Create epic change. 

Be all of you.


Urszula is a radiant leader. She is an amazing listener, a clear communicator and an inspiring coach. She spent time thinking carefully about strategies for my leadership practice and we spent quality time together finding ways to make new practices stick. Our work together has had a lasting impact.
— Janet Moore, Co-Director, CityStudio


My wish for you is that you are calm, strong, and clear. No matter what. When you are calm, strong and clear, you make the best choices. When you have choice, you have happiness, peace, and meaningful success in your life.

My approach combines five super powers: mindfulness, positive psychology, coaching, meditation and yogic philosophies. This powerful combo offers you simple, practical tools to sail your ship where YOU want it to go, in your way.

My method is simple yet powerful: ask big questions and hold space for you to discover. Then, I activate you to make your best happen with next-level practices you can integrate from day one.



An ease and steadiness no matter what comes your way.

A deep peace inside that isn’t affected by what’s happening outside of you.

A place to go to feel grounded.



A knowing where the path is headed.

Being able to see your vision and goals ahead and not lose sight when the storm hits.

A sense of purpose in your life.



The ability to not only weather storms, but to feel resilient in the face of them.

A feeling you are capable AND ready to be challenged.

It sounds like “I got this.”


I have spent half of my life trying to be whole. I have tried everything you can think of to get there. Workaholic, drugs, too much/too little food, aggressive exercise, medication, self harm. I've had depression since I was 15 and hit a wall before 20. I crashed. After that came rehab, rest, meditation, yoga, anonymous groups, and sharing my story.

When I got "well" (ps - there is no cure for depression), I drowned myself in work. I had healed physically and mentally, but I was lost on the inside. Alone in a hotel room one business trip, I had a melt down. I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself. And, I didn't like who I saw. I made a choice right then - I was going to find myself

After creating and doing the practices that I now give to my clients, I'm me now. I know who I am and I'm doing work that's meaningful and important in the world. I love my clients (they love me too!), I'm whole. I wish this for you.

What drives my purpose

We are living in a time of inequality, injustice, and systemic racism where not everyone is able to be their whole selves. If you have privilege and are playing small, managing fear and self-doubt, have self-limiting beliefs and acting from scarcity you cannot do the important work the world needs to have peace, equality and freedom for all. So — consider this a summon to rise up.

also's: I'm married to an amazing human being for 14+ years. I am a cat person (I have 4), a daily meditator, a sailor, and a Kundalini yoga teacher. I live on unceded Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) territory, BC Canada. She/her.


  • 12+ years transforming entrepreneurs, leaders + teams

  • Certified coach, Integral Coaching Canada

  • 200+ programs designed

  • 75+ speaking gigs

  • Founder of 3 businesses and 1 non-profit

  • 10,000+ hours of workshops facilitated

  • Mindful Leadership studies at the Institute for Mindful Leadership

  • Certified yoga and meditation teacher, I mentor with Natalie Rousseau & Gloria Latham

  • Degree in adult learning + development, University of Toronto

  • A lifetime of practice



Be our whole selves when we’re our our lone wolf and in the pack.


Time is sacred. Make memories you want to remember.


In the flow, with the flow, catalyst of the flow.










I believe business must be a catalyst for good. I donate over $15,000 each year in pro bono coaching and workshops to non-profits, social justice leaders, and schools so they can live out their mission with less worry. I also donate a minimum of 1% of income to great non-profits and advocacy groups. Here's some of my favourites:

RAVEN, That’s Not How That Works, Pacific Wild, Yoga Outreach, Skeena Wild, Reconciliation Canada, Canadian Roots Exchange

I’m so grateful for our time together, every.single.time. TeamCorker is so darn lucky to have you in our corner!
— Steph Corker, Co-Founder, The Corker Co
Mauricio Lazano.jpeg
Before working with Urszula I was vulnerable to the day to day pressure and stress taking over me. Through her coaching, I learned how to be in control of my emotions and to understand what in my surroundings triggered me. She is a great listener and always knows how to ask the right questions.
— Mauricio Lozano, Founder & Owner of Faculty Brewing
Urszula is a rare find as she has the ability to be a coach, mentor, facilitator and guide to individuals and groups. What struck me was the intimacy of her approach and how quickly she was able to get our clients comfortable and into the core of the session. I found it to be the most authentic and vulnerable session we’ve run, and the most productive as a result.
— Keith Ippel. Founder, Spring University
Urszula is a true mindfulness spirit and facilitator. She delivers cohesive, insightful, and accessible discourse around mindfulness and its implementation into our working lives. I would never pass up an opportunity to include her in any future endeavours, as she adds a very special energy to any room.
— Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber. Managing Director, The Next Big Thing