How did I get so lucky

I heard Urszula speak at the Women in Tech Regatta on resilience. I’ve made a conscious effort since then to catch myself when I’m saying I’m ‘trying’ and see whether I’m actually ‘doing’. It’s been empowering. Thanks for bringing to light how this minor change can have a big impact.
— Saba Nowroozi, Digital Interactive Designer, IBM
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Urszula developed a workshop for our female team about speaking up in intimidating situations. I noticed a difference in our office immediately. Urszula provided such a comfortable and encouraging presence, that a year later I brought her in to coach a few of our staff one-on-one.
— Sarah Robinson, Director of Operations, Toquaht Nation
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Before working with Urszula I was vulnerable to the day to day pressure and stress taking over me. I used to overreact and snap for little things not going the way they should. I kept unrealistic goals for myself and my team and I was very critical of little mistakes. Through her coaching practice, I learned to be present and to be grateful for each moment and win. When I get triggered, I know how to use the space I have before my reaction to choose how I want to behave. Urszula is a great listener and always knows how to ask the right questions.
— Mauricio Lozano, Founder, Faculty Brewing
Urszula is a rare find as she has the ability to be a coach, mentor, facilitator and guide to individuals and groups. What struck me was the intimacy of her approach and how quickly she was able to get our clients comfortable and into the core of the session. I found it to be the most authentic and vulnerable session we’ve run, and the most productive as a result.
— Keith Ippel. Founder, Spring University
Working with Urszula over the past 6 months has been one of the most transformative experiences I have had. I’ve worked with a variety of coaches in my life and Urszula creates a space and container to do deep work like no one else. Her guidance in the sessions on top of the practices she arms her clients with, to do the work outside of the sessions, creates shifts that are foundational and long lasting. Truly a gift.
— Kristin Constable, Founder, Winning Academy
Urszula is a radiant leader. She is an amazing listener, a clear communicator and an inspiring coach. She spent time thinking carefully about strategies for my leadership practice and we spent quality time together finding ways to make new practices stick. Our work together has had a lasting impact.
— Dr. Janet Moore, Professor, Simon Fraser University
It was a pleasure to have Urszula come in and share her wisdom around mindfulness with our team. She has a quiet confidence that lends well to the topic, and her shared experiences help reinforce the message.
— Mike Desjardins, CEO, VIRTUS Inc.
I had the pleasure of bringing Urszula to run a mindfulness leadership program for our entrepreneurs. It was a foundational and grounding experience. Urszula is a true mindfulness spirit and facilitator. She delivers cohesive, insightful, and accessible discourse around mindfulness and its implementation into our working lives. I would never pass up an opportunity to include her in any future endeavours, she adds a very special energy to any room.
— Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber. Managing Director, The Next Big Thing
The conversations that have sparked immediately after Urszula’s workshop have been incredible. All based on how Urszula framed, presented and created space for such loving ideas and conversation.
— Ashley Wray. CEO and Founder, Mala Collective
Has my coaching experience with Urszula made me a more effective manager and colleague? Without a doubt, yes. It has also made me a better son and friend. Most importantly, I am living my life with more clarity, lightness, and a fuller heart. I will choose to work with her again in the future, for another warm boost along my path.
— Devon de Balasi Brown. Manager, Global After-Sales Operations, Arc'teryx
Urszula changed my life. And in the process transformed our company. As our resident coach, she helps us be resilient, compassionate, present, and brave as we traverse the gap to what we know is possible. We could not do this without her.
— Luke DeCoste, Chief Governance Officer, Proof
Urszula has led me on an incredible journey of self-discovery. She has helped me to see the possibilities, to tap into the wisdom that I already have, to re-frame my questions and perspectives in a way that leads me forward, and for holding me accountable. I will practice the tools she has given me for the rest of my life.
— Kendra Loewen. Fundraising Consultant
My team is better supported through her work, and some long overdue systems are being put into place. My leaders are better leaders and the team feels supported and that’s a huge help because our team is everything.
— Gloria Latham. Director of Yoga Teacher Training, Semperviva Yoga College
Tamara Connell SFU - Urszula Lipsztajn client
I felt compelled to work with Urszula the first time we met. I hired her to co-create and lead a group coaching program with me for the RADIUS Fellowship in Radical Doing. Working with her was a delight! She’s highly capable, intelligent, asks great questions, and delivers exceptionally. I will be re-offering another contract to her again this coming year.
— Tamara Connell. Lead Educator, SFU RADIUS
It’s a pleasure to write this recommendation for Urszula – she’s deeply skilled at leading with her heart and mind and helping others do the same. A true light.
— Duane Elverum. Co-Director + Co-Founder CityStudio Vancouver
Urszula has this incredible talent for calming and centering people while also empowering and igniting a fire within them. It’s a fantastic combination that makes her coaching invaluable. I worked with Urszula during an intimidating period of change in my life, and her guidance and friendship gave me the direction and motivation I needed to embark on my entrepreneurial path.
— Natalie Martin. Founder, Timber & Co.
Urszula is a generous listener with a quiet confidence that helps me believe in ME with no BS. If you want to find your strengths and truly be yourself in any situation; If you want to be, lead and live your best life, You NEED Urszula!
— Laurel Richardson. Program Manager People + Culture, lululemon
Urszula’s thoughtful, gentle approach to coaching has empowered me as a leader to see the best in myself and in others. She encouraged me to adopt a more mindful approach to leadership, while giving permission to pause, slow down, and move through my work with more ease. I’m a better mother, wife, and leader for the time I have spent with Urszula, and would recommend her to anyone looking to bring more of themselves to their work and everyday life.
— Meg Reynolds. Executive Director, Howe Sound Women's Centre
Urszula is great at honing in on what is essential for change. She listens, and pulls out the nuggets of truth — what is working, what is not working, what needs to change direction. I recommend Urszula to any individual or business that needs an honest leader to illuminate the path to upward growth.
— Carey Rudisill. Writer, Editor + Founder, Yoga Posse
Tana Heminsley - Urszula Lipsztajn client
From the moment I first meet Urszula I noticed her calm, grounded presence. She shared a workshop with a group of colleagues and I had forgotten how profound it can be to spend time focusing on the deeper questions about who we are and what is important to us. I awoke to my next layer of learning in terms of authenticity and consciousness and am truly grateful for the space she created.
— Tana Heminsley. Recipient of ICF Vancouver 2016 Coach Impact Award
Urszula has a unique capacity for seeing through the noise and confusion of a situation, and into its core. She doesn’t just listen, she hears. In doing that, she helps me to hear myself.
— Roxanne Duncan. Managing Director, Push International Performing Arts Festival
Urszula is professional, insightful, and deeply compassionate. As a result of our work together I feel better equipped as a leader to manager conflict, engage with diverse stakeholders, and ultimately deliver meaningful results. I highly recommend making the investment in both yourself, and your work!
— Dara Parker. Executive Director, Social Venture Partners
I had the privilege of working with Urszula on lululemon’s redesign of our personal development curriculum. She elevated the project, the team and contributed in every interaction with her natural coach approach style of leading. She brings a beautiful way of being that incorporates mindfulness into work practices resulting in a holistic approach to developing programs and people. She is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her.
— Susan Karda. Director, Leadership Development, lululemon
Mindfulness practice is not just a pretty theory that looks good on a yoga mat. Thank you, Urszula, for the support and guidance, the tools and the space for the many “a-ha!” and “ohhhhh…” moments over the last few weeks! Very grateful to have you in my life!
— Sarah Cutfield. Faculty, Semperviva Yoga College
Urszula’s Whole Life Mindfulness is a fantastic course and will continue to be as I follow through on the work you’ve left us with Urszula! Without hesitation I highly recommend.
— Lisa Hemingway. Founder, Backyard Creative
From taking Urszula’s Whole Life Mindfulness course, things really clicked for me. Doing the work along with her help made all the logical concepts I thought I had figured out real and applicable in my life. I feel strong, I have learned to observe hard situations calmly, instead of fighting them like I did before. I feel prepared for any big change that comes my way.
— Josee Cox. Adjointe Administrative, Premier Tech
She is an action igniter and a soul force! It is easier to understand how good we are professionally, but hard to live, breathe and make decisions accordingly. And that is what we accomplished through the program. My life will never be the same. Our sessions were very powerful and I thank her for this significant shift in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work to anyone seeking growth in their lives.
— Ananda Escudero Gomes. Founder, 79 Designs Co.